Welcome to Goldfields Psychology

Goldfields Psychology is a private psychology practice. We cater for clients of all ages, with a range of mental health and adjustment issues. You may self-refer to the practice, however, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate on referral from your Doctor.

Please note that we do not bulk bill.

Our Team

Dr Sue Crebbin


BBSc (Honours), MPSYCH 
(CLINICAL); PhD; PSY0002025970

Sue uses a collaborative approach to identify practical changes and strategies that will meet
the individual needs of the client. She considers psycho-education, to increase knowledge,
understanding and insight into the associations between thoughts, behaviours, emotions and
physiological responses, as a starting point for change. Sue draws on a number of evidence-
based therapeutic interventions in treatment- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and
commitment Therapy, Schema-focused Therapy, and Mindfulness- to enhance mental and
emotional wellness and facilitate optimal functioning. She works with young people and
adults presenting with anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma-related conditions; a particular interest is health psychology.

Kristy Fennell

CLINICAL Psychologist

BBSc (Honours), MPSYCH; 

Kristy predominantly uses CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, including Mindfulness. She often draws on psychodynamic theory. Kristy works with children, adolescents and adults. She offers formal cognitive assessments to support learning needs, and inform behavioural interventions. Kristy is experienced in working with a range of mental health concerns including anxiety, mood disorders, stress and childhood trauma. Kristy enjoys engaging with clients in a collaborative way and has a special interest in anxiety disorders.

Crystal Ford

Clinical Psychologist

BBSc (Honours), MPsych (Clinical), MAPS; PSY0001687128

Crystal uses evidence-based interventions with a central focus on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. She is also trained and experienced in using Schema Therapy, Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness. Crystal is skilled in psychological assessment and treatment of anxiety, mood, trauma and personality disorders; however, she has a special interest in working with oncology support, bariatric weight management, body image issues, complex medical conditions and grief. Crystal works with clients from late adolescence to late adulthood. Crystal is a Board-approved supervisor and offers supervision to Psychologist’s completing the clinical registra program and secondary supervision to Provisional Psychologist’s.

Veronica Grose


BA, Grad Dip in Professional Psychology, Grad Dip in Child Psychotherapy Studies; PSY0001687664

Veronica uses a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychodynamic approach and works closely with the parents of her young clients. Veronica has extensive experience in a range of child and adolescent mental health issues.  Veronica has experience with complex presentations involving childhood trauma and has a special interest in anxiety-based disorders.  Veronica is also experienced in working with adults with anxiety and depression and a history of trauma.

Shealyn Jeffrey


BBSc (Psychology), PG Dip Psych, PSY0001128749

Using predominantly Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Shealyn draws on a number of evidenced based approaches to identify and support the individual needs of the client. She is trained and experienced in Schema Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. She works with clients of all ages with a range of difficulties, including mood disorders, anxiety and trauma related disorders, personality disorders, stress and anger management; and complex behavioural problems, such as violence and substance abuse. Shealyn has a special interest in complex trauma and challenging behaviours resulting from criminal situations. She provides consultation and assessment with respect to adults and young people at risk of committing serious offences.

Bridget Jones



Bridget uses evidence-based approaches including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, 
Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing Therapy, Schema Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. She has experience with adults presenting with anxiety, mood disorders, relationship issues, stress, anger management, personality disorders and trauma. Bridget has worked extensively with individuals who present with complex behavioural problems such as violence and substance use and is skilled in conducting violence risk assessments. Bridget works with clients of all ages.

Leah Johansen



Using a collaborative approach, Leah works with adults and adolescents to identify goals and treatment across the areas of anxiety, depression and workplace issues. Leah uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to work with clients to become empowered and reach their potential. Special areas of interest include workplace wellbeing and organisational psychology.

Dr Kim Perrow

Clinical Psychologist

BBSc (Hons Psych), DPsych (Clinical), MAPS; PSY0001628019

Kim has clinical experience in both Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychodynamic modalities to treat and assess clients with a range of problems; including mood and developmental disorders, behavioural difficulties and attachment disorders.  She works with clients of all ages; however, she has a special interest in child, adolescent and maternal mental health.

Dr Ciaran Pier


Grad Dip (Higher Ed), BA (Honours), PhD (Psych-Clinical), Assoc. MAPS; PSY0001124946

Ciaran has more than ten years experience as a psychologist. She uses a client-centred approach, drawing on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Ciaran enjoys working with people with a range of presentations including anxiety, mood and personality disorders, bereavement and medical conditions, including oncology support.
Ciaran has special interests in perinatal mental health and anxiety disorders including trauma and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Ciaran has previously held academic positions at several universities, teaching post-graduate psychology students and publishing research in anxiety, health psychology and perinatal mental health. She currently provides peer consultation to practising psychologists and works with clients aged from late adolescence to late adulthood.

Dr Hannah Sloan

Clinical Psychologist

BA (Honours), DPSYCHCLINPSYCH, MAPS; PSY0001710121

Hannah has experience in utilising evidence based assessment tools to provide cognitive and educational assessments for children, adolescents and adults. Hannah has previously worked within the education setting completing cognitive, behavioural or educational assessments of children and adolescent's to inform learning plans and develop individualised goals assisting teachers and students. Hannah also has experience in cognitive and adaptive assessments of functioning, diagnosis of specific learning or intellectual disorders and providing summaries of outcomes and intervention plans within comprehensive reports.

Dr Rachel Tucker

Clinical Psychologist

BBSc (Honours), DPsychClinPsych, MAPS; PSY0001129664

Rachel uses evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Schema Therapy, Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to assess and treat a range of disorders including anxiety, mood, psychotic, and eating disorders. Rachel works with clients aged from adolescence to late adulthood, and has a special interest in working with trauma, personality disorders, and individuals with a complex history.

Clare Wilson


BPSYCH(HONS), MAPS; PSY00022662200

Clare works collaboratively with clients anddraws on evidence-based approaches, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy. She has previous experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in private settings and in school settings. Currently, Clare works with adolescents and adults who report a range of experiences, including depression or low mood, anxiety, panic, stress, and relationship problems. Clare’s clinical and research interests include trauma, self-compassion, and body-oriented trauma perspectives.


The practice entrance and ample car parking are at the rear of the property. Please enter through the gate off Sternberg Street and proceed to drive between the buildings at walking pace to the rear carpark.


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